what we do

What began as a design store and gallery with traffic, has since grown to incorporate a studio, a think tank for art and design, headed by James Clar (Interactive Media, Lighting Architecture), Katrin Greiling (Industrial Design, Interior Architecture) and Simone Sebastian (Communications, Event Production).


In addition to their combined backgrounds in graphics, communication, art, industrial and interior design, interactive media and light architecture, the traffic crew have been instrumental in all aspects of production and facilitation, and collaborate with their in-house workshop to realize designs and concepts. With this artillery of skills, the studio has developed a variety of self-initiated and commissioned projects, from printed matter to product design to custom art installations.


The traffic approach focuses on a marriage between the arts and design disciplines, while respecting conventional and traditional aspects of design. Collaboration is at the heart of the traffic process, the team operate in a collective environment, and often look to involve others. This ensures that the end product is an intelligent and creative interpretation of the brief.

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