Video Art from Brief Histories
Winter/Spring 2011

Curated by Fawz Kabra and Isak Berbic


One Night Only!
Thursday March 31st, 7:30pm



Al Serkal Avenue
Warehouse C-16
Al Qouz, Dubai


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Satellite Presents

Satellite Presents:

Video Art from Brief Histories Winter/Spring 2011
Curated by Fawz Kabra and Isak Berbic

Satellite hosts this special screening of a selection of video art from Brief Histories, giving audiences a taste of the exhibition before it closes in Sharjah

WINTER/SPRING 2011 BRIEF HISTORIES brings together contemporary works responsive to the unfolding events in the region and the larger global happenings of the day. The show will be momentarily materialized in the intimate setting of a villa in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and posted online. Diverse participants, from six continents, present photography, moving image, installation, drawing, text, and web-based work. Themes lying within their contributions reflect upon social geography, power and authority, labor and capital, private and public space, and the media.

With telepresence of information, temporality has transformed from its traditional linear progression (past, present, future) to a coexistence of past and present–on demand. In this respect new media networks broadcast multitudes of distinct perspectives, which in turn destabilize a definitive narrative. The challenge has become to maintain a critical, artistic, and curatorial practice that is responsive and relevant, and that is capable of keeping its place amongst rapidly changing contexts and shifting meanings.

BRIEF HISTORIES is an attempt to address this need for immediacy, by bringing together artists and writers to respond with works that are significant to the context of our present day reality.

Drinks and Discussion continue after the screening at Freshly Laced.