Feb - Mar, 2013

Museum Without Walls


Researching traditional and contemporary identities through architectural culture, the project has become one of experimenting with mud-brick architecture (a traditional form of architecture having existed only sparsely in Dubai primarily for perimeter walls) and reflective blue glass (a symbol of modernity in Dubai today). A workshop has been set-up behind Traffic to make mud-bricks and will be ongoing until the end of March 2013. A wall structure will be built in the space behind Traffic in order to continue the ironic dialogue of wall building as part of a Residency titled Museum Without Walls.

This Residency continues to develop the artist's ideas about land, history, and heritage; as well as explore how historical ruins may be understood and interpreted. The structure will reflect not only how tradition can be invented, but how it may also be simultaneously translated and merged with the contemporary as identities are re/created and ultimately CONSTRUCTED.