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James Clar, Abdulnasser Gharem
Nov 4 - 7, 2010
Abu Dhabi Art, Booth - 18

Traffic looks forward to exhibiting the works of the American media artist James Clar, and the Saudi artist Abdulnasser Gharem, in a show entitled Armed at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair at Emirates Palace. The works will serve as an engaging conversation between two contemporary artists from opposite sides of the world. Both artists are confirmed for an artist talk on the 5th of November, while Clar's piece '1989' will be exhibited at Beyond, on the grounds of the Fair. For more information check

Armed puts two contemporary artists from opposite sides of the world in a thought-provoking dialogue. James Clar and Abdulnasser Gharem employ their differing cultural backgrounds in the fabrication of a unique portrait of our collective condition. Clar - whose work is a fusion of technology, pop art, street culture and visual information - questions our deeply rooted ideas of identity and nationalism. Gharem, considered one of the most respected Saudi artists of his time, is both a conceptual artist and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Saudi Arabian army. He uses performance, painting and sculpture to explore the themes of communication and administration. Ultimately, both artists ask us about the choices we make in life; whether we as individuals, as cultures, as societies, are following a straight path; or whether we should trust in a path at all.

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